Research drives the work of the Institute.  Our faculty produce cutting-edge work across the fields of Speech and Writing Studies, fueling national and international conversations. 

Our Speech faculty are active, prolific scholars. Areas of focus include persuasion, resistance to influence, pedagogy, political humor, image, immigration politics, discursive activism, critical race theory, health communication and social movement rhetoric.

Among the writing faculty are teacher/scholars who are active in the field of Composition and Writing Studies. Areas of focus include writing knowledge transformation, cross-national analysis of writing, basic writers, multilingual writers, student citation practices, public rhetoric, disability studies, rhetoric of science, writing across the disciplines, and more.  Writing faculty publish in other fields as well, including literary studies, creative writing, law, environmental studies, medicine, architecture, film, and musicology. 

Additionally, the Institute provides opportunities for faculty to participate in Institute-sponsored research.  For instance, several faculty have participated in the Davis Study of Student Writing, coding student essays in order to study writing knowledge transformation.  Other faculty have participated in a Davis-funded pilot that studied the effect of multimodal work on students’ composing processes and products.  We continue to define opportunities for faculty to collaborate on projects of common interest.