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  • “Don’t even go there!” A Black women’s Standpoint and Conversation Analysis of an online Discussion about Racial Labeling.

    Darlene K. Drummond, Camara, S. K.

    In Critical Articulations of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation. New York: Lexington Books (2014).

  • "Writing and Text Production Processes"

    Christiane K. Donahue, Theresa Lillis

    Mouton de Gruyter Handbooks of Applied Linguistics series (2014).

  • Persuading Others to Avoid Persuasion: Inoculation Theory and Resistant Health Attitudes.

    Josh Compton, Jackson, B., Dimmock, J. A.

    Frontiers in Psychology 7: 122. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00122