About the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric is the institutional home of the Writing Program and the Speech Program.


Offering 125 courses in writing and speech each year, the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric is the largest academic enterprise on campus.  Through our first-year curriculum, we comprise the single shared intellectual experience among Dartmouth students. Our select upper-level courses offer our students continued opportunities for inquiry, theoretical work, and critique in writing and in speech. 


Our faculty are talented teachers and scholars whose pedagogical methods are grounded in best practices and in the ideals of liberal education. Our academic expertise spans the areas of intellectual inquiry—from work in disability studies to modernist British literature—found at Dartmouth College. Regular professional development opportunities further enhance our culture of teaching and learning by bringing faculty together in ongoing discussions of writing pedagogy and practice.

Peer Writing Support

Further augmenting our program are our peer writing support services, which offer assistance in writing, research, multi-media composition, and multilingual writing. These peer programs are similarly grounded in research, internal assessment, and careful innovation.