Institute for Writing & Rhetoric Program Profile in Composition Forum

We are pleased to announce that Dartmouth's Institute for Writing & Rhetoric has been profiled in a special issue of Composition Forum, devoted to writing and transfer.  Guest Editor Elizabeth Wardle has assembled several articles on the subject of transfer, including the profile of the Institute.

This profile, "Imagining a Writing and Rhetoric Program Based on Principles of Knowledge 'Transfer': Dartmouth's Institute for Writing and Rhetoric," was collaboratively composed by Stephanie Boone, Sara Biggs Chaney, Josh Compton, Christiane Donahue, and Karen Gocsik.  The profile not only highlights our program's achievements but more importantly focuses on how the institute is well positioned to imagine and develop a curriculum informed by research on the transfer of knowledge. 


While "transfer" has become, in recent years, a subject of great research interest to our field, we still have much to learn about how we can best use this research knowledge to inform local efforts in program development. In this profile, we describe the foundations of the Dartmouth Institute for Writing and Rhetoric and explain how transfer research might inform our future directions in writing and speech. We conclude by explaining what we have learned already from our literature review, our study of first-year student writing, our curricular pilots, and our efforts at ongoing exchange.  For the full article, click here.