News & Events

  • This spring the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric will offer five new courses in writing and speech. Several of the courses will be taught by our new faculty members.

    Speech 37, Health Communication

    Professor Darlene Drummond will teach a new Speech course this spring entitled Health Communication. The course is designed to provide a broad overview of health communication, a field that...


    The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric will host its fourth annual event on "The Art of Presidential Speechwriting" February 25. This year, we welcome Don Baer, former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, and Clark Judge, former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan.

    Baer served as Director of Speechwriting and...

  • Professors Jonna Mackin and Jennifer Sargent will attend conferences in March to give papers about their research and teaching.

    Professor Mackin will attend the Student Success in Writing Conference, held in Savannah, Georgia. The conference is a yearly gathering of secondary and post-secondary teachers who meet to share ideas about promoting student success in writing. Mackin will discuss her recent work in the classroom involving the adaptation or transfer of writing knowledge....

  • Megan Mcintyre

    The philosopher Isaiah Berlin once famously divided writers, thinkers—indeed all humanity—into two distinct categories. To Berlin, you were either a hedgehog or a fox. Hedgehogs have a singular focus and interpret the world through the lens of central, unifying idea. Foxes, on the other hand, distrust such monolithic perspectives and are given to protean and fugitive thought that pursues many ends and seeks to understand things on their...

  • “Though we don’t always recognize it, grammatical choices can be moral choices, and these publishers made the wrong ones,” says Ellen Bresler Rockmore, a lecturer in the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, in an op-ed in The New York Times. Rockmore writes about the poor grammatical choices a publisher made in a Texas geography textbook that distorts...

  • Institute professor Jennifer Sargent has won the Faculty Advisor of the Year award from Dartmouth's Greek Letter Organizations and Societies.

  • As reported in Dartmouth Now, RWIT tutor Emily Estelle has won a prestigious Fulbright to teach English in Morocco:

    An anthropology major modified with Arabic—which she “decided to study as a first-year...

  • The Benjamin F. Barge and Class of 1866 Prizes for Oratory are Dartmouth traditions reaching back to the earliest days of the 20th century. For over 100 years, Dartmouth students have competed for these coveted awards, which honor excellence in oratory and rhetoric.

    The Benjamin F. Barge Prize was established in 1901 to honor the Dartmouth senior who is determined by a panel of expert judges to "write and pronounce in public an English oration in the best manner." The Class of 1866...

  • The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric is proud to announce that Dr. Nick Van Kley has accepted the position of Director of Student Writing Support Services. Professor Van Kley comes to Dartmouth from Brandeis University, where he was the Assistant Director of the Writing Program and, formerly, the Director of the Writing Center.

    Professor Van Kley is extremely enthused about his new position with the Institute and his work with its faculty and students. "I couldn't be happier to be...