First-Year Seminar Form A - Planning

This form initiates the process of submitting seminars for approval by the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric and by the Committee on Instruction.


This form is due by the Spring 2019 deadline indicated in our email to you, for courses taught in 2019-2020.

You will receive a submission confirmation email after you submit the form. This acknowledges receipt of the form and gives you a copy of what you submitted.

After the form has been reviewed, you will be contacted by the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric about the next steps, including deadlines to submit additional information and a syllabus.

Please consider a MWF morning timeslot since we generally have too few requests for those, and too many requests for the Tu Th 10A and 2A timeslots.
This will send a cc copy of the information submitted to this person via email.

Please indicate your plans for your First-year Seminar below. Please note that options 1-4 will need to go through the COI approval process for First-year Seminars, which does not use DCARS. More information on the process and deadlines will be sent in response to this form.