Writing 5

Writing 5 introduces Dartmouth students to the writing process that characterizes intellectual work in the academy and in educated public discourse. Each section of Writing 5 organizes its writing assignments around challenging readings chosen by the instructor. The texts for the class also include student writing. The course focuses primarily on the writing process, emphasizing careful analysis, thoughtful questions, and strategies of effective argument.

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Writing 5 for Prospective Tutors


Title: Tutoring College Writers


This course introduces the tradition of writing centers. Writing centers are varied organizations occupying universities and colleges (like Dartmouth), community educational spaces (like Salt Lake Community College), high schools (maybe yours!), and even professional organizations (like the US Federal Reserve). Writing centers support writers by offering mentoring, coaching, or tutoring. In this class, we will explore what writing centers do and how they shape learning, particularly in college settings. We will examine what it means to write at college, what it means to support student writers, and how writing as a practice shapes and is shaped by learning and by educational contexts. Students will explore educational theories related to writing, read about research from the field of writing studies, explore the archives of the Dartmouth Writing Center, and engage in live tutoring with fellow Dartmouth students. This course shares outcomes with all Writing 5 courses. While students will learn about, explore, and apply scholarship on learning and writing, they will also write a lot - about their own experiences as writers, about course materials, and about their own learning. Students who complete the course in good standing may be offered a position as a Peer Tutor in the Dartmouth Writing Center (aka RWIT). Permission from the instructor is required.