Writing 41: Writing and Speaking Public Policy

Course Description

22S: 2A.

Identical to Public Policy 41, this course is designed for students who intend to use their writing and communication skills to effect tangible change. Course materials will draw from various areas of public policy, and students will develop policy arguments through position papers, strategy memos, public talks, multi-media tools, as well as op-ed pieces and "letters to the editor" to be submitted to local newspapers. Students will strengthen their understanding and practice of public persuasion, as well as their capacity to analyze the components of effective argument.

Prerequisite: Public Policy 5 or permission of instructor. Dist: ART; WCult: W. Kalish.

Learning Objectives:

The primary learning objective of the course is for students to become more astute, sophisticated change-makers in fields of their choosing. To this end, we will be working on two primary fronts: 1) developing insight into human value systems and how they affect behaviors, and 2) deepening and broadening our understanding of persuasion. We will achieve these goals collaboratively, through intense, ongoing feedback and revision of student work, as well as through discussion and application of reading materials to the production of group policy campaigns. Students will become increasingly skilled in the critical evaluation and production of written, spoken, aural, and visual work of varying types and in their ability to execute effectively a range of persuasive strategies.