Writing 2-3

This two-term, two-credit writing course is designed to help students who might benefit from a two-term writing course to achieve excellence in writing through serious intellectual engagement and intensive academic support.

The primary goal of Writing 2-3 is for students to learn to write clearly and with confidence. By committing themselves to the rigorous process of writing, discussing, and rewriting their papers, students learn to craft clear and compelling academic arguments. In Writing 3, students engage in focused and sustained research. The course culminates in a research project of the student's design.

Writing 2-3 classrooms are diverse communities where students find opportunities for participation, mentorship, and support. Both in and out of the classroom, Writing 2-3 faculty are deeply committed to students and their concerns. For instance, student writing frequently serves as the basis for class discussion. Furthermore, instructors and tutors confer regularly with students in order to offer instruction that is both individual and personal.

Writing 2-3 is limited to 15 students per section and is taught only in fall and winter terms. Writing 2-3 is taken in place of Writing 5. Students must complete both terms of Writing 2-3 and a First-Year Seminar to fulfill the first-year writing requirement.

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  • For more information about the placement process and enrollment policies for Writing 2-3, and a comparison between Writing 2-3 and Writing 5, visit our Placement and Enrollment Policies page.