Writing Courses

The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth College oversees first-year writing courses (Writing 2-3, Writing 5, and the First-Year Seminars taught in departments and programs throughout the College); upper-level courses in Writing; courses in Speech; and student support services through RWIT (The Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology). Dartmouth's first-year writing courses prepare students to engage fully with their intellectual work in every discipline. In order to provide a solid foundation for that work, Dartmouth requires first-year students to take Writing 5 (or Writing 2-3) and a First-Year Seminar. Humanities 1-2 may be taken as another way of fulfilling the first-year writing requirement. Students interested in taking Humanities 1-2 must contact the Humanities 1-2 program prior to registering for fall term.