RWIT Moves to its Own Space Online

Students who have come to rely on the Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology (RWIT) have a surprise this fall: RWIT will now have its own website

This important student service has long had its online home within the website of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth. However, RWIT's broad menu of services, programs, and online resources have outgrown its current space on the Institute’s website.  As Institute web editor Alan Taylor explains, “RWIT is a critical student service that is poised to take on a broader mission at Dartmouth. Considering its significance to students and faculty alike, it deserves its own presence online.” 

RWIT offers a large menu of free services for undergraduate students, including individual tutoring sessions in the RWIT Center (Berry 183), in-class presentations and workshops, senior thesis tutoring, multilingual tutoring, and special events across campus. 

Faculty Research Spotlight

Professors Megan McIntyre and Nick Van Kley recently attended conferences to share their research.

The two scholars appeared together on a roundtable focused on digital research methods at the annual Computers and Writing Conference held at St. John Fischer College in Rochester, New York. The roundtable offered an examination of how research methods and ethical considerations are evolving in response to the ever-changing spaces and practices of digital media. The conversation included presentations on various forms of social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well as other digital artifacts such as Wikipedia articles, websites, message boards, user profiles, and various forms of metadata.

New Faculty Join the Institute; Returning Faculty take on New Roles

Megan Mcintyre

The philosopher Isaiah Berlin once famously divided writers, thinkers—indeed all humanity—into two distinct categories. To Berlin, you were either a hedgehog or a fox. Hedgehogs have a singular focus and interpret the world through the lens of central, unifying idea. Foxes, on the other hand, distrust such monolithic perspectives and are given to protean and fugitive thought that pursues many ends and seeks to understand things on their own terms, without placing them within any particular box or system. Megan McIntyre, the new Assistant Director for Program Development at the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, is decidedly with the foxes.

Van Kley to Lead Student Writing Support Services

The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric is proud to announce that Dr. Nick Van Kley has accepted the position of Director of Student Writing Support Services. Professor Van Kley comes to Dartmouth from Brandeis University, where he was the Assistant Director of the Writing Program and, formerly, the Director of the Writing Center.

Professor Van Kley is extremely enthused about his new position with the Institute and his work with its faculty and students. "I couldn't be happier to be joining the talented faculty in the Institute," he states, "but I'm just as excited to be working with RWIT's student staff. The tutors and writing assistants working in student writing support are a remarkable bunch--diverse, passionate, intelligent, and excellent at their work.”

Library Honors Graduating Student Employees

Laura Braunstein

Each spring, the Dartmouth College Library honors its graduating student employees with the Student Library Service Bookplate Program. Graduating students who have worked for the Library are invited to choose books, DVDs, CDs or other items for the Library’s collections. Each item receives a bookplate that acknowledges the student’s selection and honors his or her service to the Library. Students are eligible for the honor if they have worked at least four terms in any Library department (including RWIT, the Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology, which the Library collaborates in running).