Sharing A Statement of Solidarity from RMS

The Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration, and Sexuality recently shared a message of solidarity, providing support and resources to our community. 


We endorse the above statement provided by the Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration and Sexuality at Dartmouth College.

Rockmore Op-Ed Addresses Textbook Controversy

“Though we don’t always recognize it, grammatical choices can be moral choices, and these publishers made the wrong ones,” says Ellen Bresler Rockmore, a lecturer in the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, in an op-ed in The New York Times. Rockmore writes about the poor grammatical choices a publisher made in a Texas geography textbook that distorts history by inaccurately describing slavery.

Darlene Drummond appointed Assistant Professor of Speech

The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric is proud to announce that Darlene K. Drummond will join the faculty this fall as an Assistant Professor of Speech.

Drummond's research focus is on interpersonal communication, largely within the context of health and the experience of health care. In her published work on such issues, Drummond studies the communication experiences of individuals living with chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and breast cancer. Much of her work also examines the experiences of what she terms “co-cultures”; her "focus," she relates, is "on giving voice to muted groups particularly Blacks and Hispanics living in the United States and the maintenance of group identities in intercultural communication encounters."

Claudia Anguiano: Scholar, Teacher, Activist

Contentious debates over immigration reform call scholars to turn their attention to the rhetoric of immigration. Claudia Anguiano, Lecturer in Speech for the Institute for Writing & Rhetoric, centers her scholarship on the ways immigrant populations are defined. In line with other communication studies scholars, Anguiano uses rigorous, critical rhetorical methods to extract the historical dimensions and significance of terminology, thereby broadening our understanding of the role of race and racism in discourses of immigration and social justice.