Special Fall 2019 Courses in Writing and Speech

SPEECH 37: Health Communications

19F: 2A. Dist: SOC. Instructor: Darlene Drummond

This course is designed to provide a broad introduction to human communication in a health-care context. We will examine basic medical models, the roles of health professionals, patients and caregivers, social and cultural issues, communication in health organizations, and the role of mass media. Emphasis will be on the social analysis of social support, ethics, organizational culture, planning health promotion campaigns, cultural conceptions of health and illness, and social scientific theory. No prerequisites. Limited enrollment.

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WRITING 20: Understanding the Rhetoric of Media Culture

19F: 2. Dist: ART. Instructor: Wendy Piper

In this class, students will learn to read the media images that surround us daily. We’ll begin by understanding that use of images, whether print, digital, or even artworks, is always allied with class interests and intended to perpetuate those interests. Thus, while advertising images may sell products, they also sell (or shape) identities, values, and worldviews. We’ll look at the strategies of corporate narratives, then, to ask what else, besides the use value of the product itself, the narrative is selling. Why, for instance, would the popular American clothing company, Banana Republic, choose a brand reminiscent of colonialism? Or, alternatively, why would a coffee company promote its interest in fair trade and global sustainability over the quality of its coffee beans? Assuming that corporations exist to sell product and satisfy shareholders before promoting good will, we might ask what they know of consumers that we might not even know of ourselves?  Students in this class will study the rhetorical strategies used when corporations develop cultural narratives designed to shape perspectives. This work will enable them to make informed and responsible choices as citizens and consumers. No prerequisites. Limited enrollment.

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Writing 44.02: Science and Technology Writing and Presentation

19F: 2A. Dist: ART. Instructor: Obbard.

In science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, your ability to present data and information in different genres and media will be important to your professional success. Writing, revision, and presentation are key components in the design process, which requires both internal and external communication. This course focuses on individual work within and across disciplines including creative research, literature reviews, papers, grant proposals, poster design, and media driven presentations. Assignments may be adapted for students already at work on research projects in their discipline. As the design process is also collaborative, assignments offer occasional opportunities to work in teams. . No prerequisites. Limited enrollment.

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