Our Stories

The Story of Writing Instruction at Dartmouth

For more than a century, writing instruction at Dartmouth College has both reflected and anticipated national trends in writing pedagogy. 

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The Story of Speech at Dartmouth

Dartmouth boasts a storied tradition of influential speakers and influential speech professors, from Daniel Webster to Fred Rogers, Prof. James Winans to Prof. Merelyn Reeve. Early classes in rhetoric honored rhetoric’s position as one of the original liberal arts; current classes in rhetoric celebrate its disciplinary history while pushing theory and practice forward to meet the new challenges of modern contexts.

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The Story of Writing Support at Dartmouth

The Student Center for Writing, Research, and Information Technology has long demonstrated writing and research support at its best. Throughout its many incarnations, the aim of our center has been to provide peer-to-peer instruction that enhances Dartmouth students’ intellectual work at every stage of their thinking, research, and composing processes.

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