Josh Compton

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Associate Professor of Speech

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I’m interested in how attitudes can become resistant to influence in ways similar to how our bodies become resistant to disease. Much of my work centers on inoculation theory. I help my students see how this theory, and others like it, can guide our rhetorical choices and help us recognize our own responses to attempts to persuade us.


37 Dewey Field Road, #228
HB 6250


  • M.A. Missouri State University
  • Ph.D. University of Oklahoma

Selected Publications

  • Clear, S. E., Dimmock, J. A., Compton, J., & Jackson, B. (2021). How do inoculation messages work? A two-study mixed-method investigation into inoculation mechanisms. Asian Journal of Communication. doi:

  • Compton, J. (2020). Prophylactic versus therapeutic inoculation treatments for resistance to influence. Communication Theory 30(3), 330-343. doi:

  • van der Linden, S., Roozenbeek, J., & Compton, J. (2020). Inoculating against fake news about COVID-19. Frontiers in Psychology. doi:

  • Compton, J., & Mason, A. (2020). Narrative and the inoculation theory of resistance to influence. In S. S. Dunn & G. Nisbett (Eds.), Innovations and implications of persuasive narrative (pp. 23-42). Peter Lang Publishing. 

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