DartWrite: Dartmouth's Digital Portfolios

Research demonstrates that students who collect their academic performances over time and periodically review them experience a number of key benefits, including measurably better academic performance. This is why we created DartWrite, a program that provides each Dartmouth student with a digital portfolio using the online publishing platform WordPress.

A digital portfolio, as the name suggests, is an online space for you to save and reflect upon your work. Like an artist who curates a collection of her work over time, you may use your portfolio to showcase some of your best academic performances. Alternatively, you might choose to collect all of your academic work, so that you can view evidence of your growth as a writer and thinker over time. At the end your course of study at Dartmouth, you might choose to transform your portfolio into an outward-facing website designed to catch the eye of future employers.

Get a Portfolio

Starting in the fall of 2018, all Dartmouth students will automatically receive a digital portfolio when they matriculate. Just log in using the link in the Access Your Portfolio section below.

If you arrived at the College before the fall of 2018, you will need to request a portfolio. It’s easy! Create your site today.

Class of 2024:

Incoming Class of 2024 students will be contacted in July 2020 with details about how to set up their DartWrite digital portfolio. One of the first steps in creating your portfolio is to upload a pre-Dartmouth writing sample by September 8th.

Be sure to save your best high school work so you are ready for this step!


Access your Portfolio

To log in to your portfolio, visit the login page: https://journeys.dartmouth.edu/

  • Use your NetID and password to log into Wordpress.

  • Select your site from My Sites. Visit the Dashboard to begin building your site.

Need Help?

We have developed a support system for students and faculty who need help with their digital portfolios:

  • CampusPress, the internet host for your Wordpress installation, maintains an excellent user guide that can answer virtually any question you may have about using WordPress.

  • Dartmouth's technical help may be contacted at wordpress@dartmouth.edu.

  • Students may schedule an appointment with an RWIT tutor for help with a number of subjects including: themes and customization, editing and designing pages and posts, privacy settings, and developing new ideas or content.

  • Students can attend public workshops hosted periodically by RWIT tutors or Portfolio Fellows – advanced students with experience building portfolios – in order to learn about the WordPress platform and the role of portfolios and reflection in learning.

  • Faculty may request an in-class demonstration from an RWIT tutor on a variety of topics including: privacy, themes and customization, editing pages and posts, and even the scholarship on ePortfolios.

  • For questions about what kinds of content to include in your digital portfolio, write to the DartWrite program