Neukom CompX Grant Awarded to the Institute

The Neukom Institute for Computational Science has announced its 2019 grant recipients. We are proud to announce that the Institute's Christiane Donahue and Sarah B. Smith have won a CompX grant for the DartWrite initiative:

Through an ambitious digital portfolio initiative called DartWrite, The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric is studying growth and change in undergraduate students’ writing, speaking, critical thinking, and digital design choices. Undergraduates receive DartWrite portfolios in the summer before they enroll and maintain control beyond graduation. These multi-year, adaptable portfolios offer Institute faculty a chance to build a unique data set by collecting portfolio content and usage patterns from approximately 1000 students per year. Because it employs collaborative research methods that combine computational and qualitative approaches, the project calls for data solutions to organize, store, and translate the data generated by student work in the DartWrite platform. The grant will provide funding for support from Research Computing to build these solutions, including web scraping, database design, and data-access tools for qualitative researchers.