RWIT Moves to its Own Space Online

Students who have come to rely on the Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology (RWIT) have a surprise this fall: RWIT will now have its own website

This important student service has long had its online home within the website of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth. However, RWIT's broad menu of services, programs, and online resources have outgrown its current space on the Institute’s website.  As Institute web editor Alan Taylor explains, “RWIT is a critical student service that is poised to take on a broader mission at Dartmouth. Considering its significance to students and faculty alike, it deserves its own presence online.” 

RWIT offers a large menu of free services for undergraduate students, including individual tutoring sessions in the RWIT Center (Berry 183), in-class presentations and workshops, senior thesis tutoring, multilingual tutoring, and special events across campus. 

With the support of the School of Graduate and Advanced Studies, RWIT also supports graduate and postdoctoral writers on campus. Graduate Peer Tutors and Graduate and Postdoctoral Writing Consultants hold tutoring sessions in the RWIT Center and meet with individual writers on campus upon request. 

RWIT also operates the Writing Assistance Program, a service for Dartmouth faculty that embeds trained writing tutors within individual courses. These tutors work with the faculty member to assist the course's students with the composition and revision of writing assignments.  

RWIT's director, Dr. Nick Van Kley, is excited about the new site’s new possibilities. He notes, “We want RWIT to be accessible to every student writer on campus. This new site makes the contours of our program more visible for the broader Dartmouth community, but more importantly, it helps new students learn about what this resource can do for them. RWIT offers uniquely personalized education support that can help students grow as communicators and scholars over the long term. We hope this site guides new faces towards our community of tutors.”