Feinstein and Dickerson Writing Awards Announced

The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric is pleased to announce the winners of the Dickerson and Feinstein writing awards. For more information about these awards, please visit our Prizes page.

Arthur Feinstein 1955 Memorial Fund First Year Excellence in Writing Award

2013-14Benjamin Prudhomme, “Orozco’s Serpientes: Contextualization and Visual Analysis"
Faculty: Mary Coffey

2014-15Alex Sclafani, “Monsanto Company: Planting Corn, but Growing Troubles"
Faculty: Patricia Lopez

2015-16Jon Scott, “An XL Proposal with Larger Consequences"
Faculty: Andrea Kremer

Albert I. Dickerson 1930 Freshman Writing Prize

2016 - First Year Seminar DivisionWendy Kang’ethe, “The Transcendent Nature of Beauty"
Faculty: Laurence Hooper’s Italian 7: Can Love Conquer Death? Poetry for the Departed Beloved in Dante and Petrarch

2016 - Writing 2-3 DivisionCaleb Smith, “The Evolution of Protagonist-Zombie Interactions in American Zombie Cinema: A Mirror of Evolving Race Relations Between White and Black America"
Faculty: Alan Taylor’s Writing 3: The End … Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Film, and Art

2016 - Writing 5 DivisionMargaret Cross, "Exposing the Link between Crime and Sexual Trauma"
Faculty: Julie Kalish’s Writing 5: The Supreme Court