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  • Mark Koch, Lecturer for the Institute for Writing & Rhetoric, employs a fascinating medium for reading and writing in his Writing 2 classroom: maps. Rooting his approach in the critical cartography that arose in the 1990s among scholars in geography and in the humanities, Koch takes the position that maps are never value-free images. Like all texts—they inscribe power relations. Accordingly, he not only teaches his students to read maps rhetorically, for their encoded messages, he also...

  • Julie Kalish '91 not only has students reading and writing about constitutional law in the courses she teaches for the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric -- Writing 5 and Writing 41: Writing and Speaking Public Policy -- she is also at the forefront of defending constitutional rights via her work for the Vermont ACLU.

    Most recently for the ACLU, Professor Kalish and her colleague Attorney Bernie Lambek represented Franklin, Vermont resident Marilyn Hackett in Hackett v. the Town of...

  • We are pleased to announce that Dartmouth's Institute for Writing & Rhetoric has been profiled in a special issue of Composition Forum, devoted to writing and transfer.  Guest Editor Elizabeth Wardle has assembled several articles on the subject of transfer, including the profile of the Institute.

    This profile, "Imagining a Writing and Rhetoric Program Based on...

  • Keith Chapman

    Just days after a long election season that featured hundreds of political speeches, almost two dozen Dartmouth students gathered to hear a few more—this time from presidential speechwriters.

    Dartmouth Trustee Peter Robinson ’79, who worked for President Reagan, and Donald Baer, who wrote for President Clinton, recalled experiences working with the presidents, gave advice about...