First-Year Seminar Form #2

This form is for use by First-Year Seminar instructors who are repeating a previously-offered topic without significant changes. This form is used to submit seminars to the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric.


·       Please submit this form by the deadline indicated in the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric email to you.

·       You will receive a submission confirmation email after you submit the form. This acknowledges receipt of the form and gives you a copy of what you submitted.

·       After the form has been reviewed, you will be contacted by the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric. This may take a week or two.

·       A copy of your proposed syllabus is due at the same time as this form. Please submit it as an attachment to this form below.

Please compose any critical text in another document (such as Word) and copy/paste into the fields below.

Basic Information Needed for All FYS Courses
Information Needed for Institute for Writing and Rhetoric Approval of ALL FYS Courses
Please fill in this information even if you have previously offered your seminar.

Please attach your First-year Seminar syllabus (as a MSWord document or PDF) to submit it for review.

Allowed file types: Word Document (doc, docx, odf), PDF