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Workshopping Writing Prompts with RWIT

RWIT Director Nick Van Kley and undergraduate RWIT Tutors will discuss the critical role of prompts in teaching writing, and help participants workshop their own writing prompts.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
12:15pm – 1:45pm
DCAL (Baker Library)
Intended Audience(s): Faculty
Categories: Workshops & Training
Registration required.

The assignments we create can define students' experiences at Dartmouth, setting their goals and shaping their calendars. We think deeply about the prompts for those assignments, trying to forecast areas of confusion and to inspire students toward productive learning. In this session, led by RWIT’s Director Nick Van Kley and a team of undergraduate RWIT Tutors, participants will discuss the critical role of prompts in teaching writing. We will examine writing prompts together; RWIT Tutors will share their experience with writing prompts; and participants will have a chance to workshop their own prompts—old or new—with colleagues and tutors. Lunch will be served.


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Liz Mackey

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