WRIT 5 Guidelines for Students

Writing 5 is a writing course in which students write regularly and frequently. While engaged in this process, students are encouraged to think primarily about exposition: its conventions, contexts, structure, registers, and style.

Writing 5 Expectations

  1. Students will write at least three formal papers on different topics, totaling about 7,000 words.
  2. Students will explore the characterization of arguments (their premises, claims, and terms).
  3. Students will develop a repertoire of ways to set up an argument (problem-solving, question-forming, thesis-formulating, etc.).
  4. Students will attend to matters of voice, style, and grammar in their work.
  5. Students will regularly revise their work, frequently in response to comments from their professors and classmates.
  6. Students will participate actively in class discussions and in peer critiques.
  7. Students will familiarize themselves with the Dartmouth library system and with proper citation protocol. (See Sources.)
  8. Students can expect to confer with their professors, individually and/or in small groups, outside the classroom.
  9. Students will observe deadlines and other policies as required by their professors.
  10. Students will familiarize themselves with the Dartmouth Honor Code.