Writing 42: The Art of Science Writing

Not offered in the period from 18X through 20S.

This course is designed to introduce students to the art of effective science writing. Students will learn to interpret and analyze complex scientific research findings and translate them into engaging prose with special attention given to the intended audience. The main focus of the course will be on learning to write about science for scientists. Students will learn how to craft scientific research articles; they will learn to write effective abstracts, introductions, methods, results and discussions. Students will also learn how to create effective visual representations of their data. In the second portion of the course, students will focus on science writing for the nonscientific audience. Students will learn how to accurately communicate their scientific findings and the findings of other scientists to the general public in the format of review articles and newspaper or magazine features.

Prerequisite: Writing 5 or its equivalent Writing 2-3, and permission of the instructor is required. Dist: ART.