FYS Switch Page Spring 2020

Welcome to the Dartmouth Institute for Writing and Rhetoric Spring 2020 web page with advice for students who want to switch between Spring 2020 FYS courses.

The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric strongly discourages switching writing courses after Wednesday, April 1 in Spring 2020 term. Even missing the first class meeting of a writing course can put a student at a disadvantage, and missing more than the first class meeting really can make things difficult for a student.

If you want to switch writing courses:

#1. FIRST check the Registrar's website online timetable listings to see if there is space open in the course you want to switch into:

  • Go to: http://oracle-www.dartmouth.edu/dart/groucho/timetable.main
  • Click on "Subject Area(s)" search.
  • Click on "Selected Terms" and choose "Spring 2020",
  • For FYS courses, click on "Selected Subjects" and click the checkbox next to "FYS" then click the "Search for Courses" button at the bottom of the page.
  • In the resulting list of courses, if the column labeled "Enrl" (Enrollment) is a number less than the column labeled "Lim" (Enrollment Limit), then there is space in the course. These numbers are updated in real time so they do accurately reflect the current situation.

# 2. IF there is SPACE AVAILABLE in a course you want to switch into:

Details on the dates for initial course election, the date when course results are available, and the dates for the course changes period and add-drop periods are available on the Registrar's website.

If there is space available in a course, you can switch yourself from one course into another course that has space available ONLINE in the course registration system as long as it is during one of the two following periods for Spring 2020 term:

  • Course Changes Period: Friday, February 28, 12:01 am to Friday, March 6, 11:59 pm.
  • Regular Drop-Add: Monday, March 30, 12:01 am through Sunday, April 12, 11:59 pm. This is the regular drop-add period during the first 2 weeks of classes. After Sunday, April 5, you need instructor permission to switch into a course.

You do not need to go in person to the registrar's office to accomplish the switch. It can be done online in the course registration system. There must be space available in the course you want to switch into.

#3. If there is NO SPACE AVAILABLE in a course you want to switch into:

  • You should make sure you are enrolled in a writing course that is a viable backup option, because there is no guarantee that you will succeed in switching writing courses.
  • You should attend the writing course you are currently enrolled in, and do the work for the class, because there is no guarantee that you will succeed in switching writing courses.
  • You should also continue to check for yourself to see if a space has opened up in the course you want. If you see an open space, you can switch yourself into it online (see # 2 above for details).

Please note the following:

  • The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric NEVER allows enrollment above the limit in a Writing 5 or First-year Seminar course.
  • No waiting lists are maintained for Writing 5 or First-year Seminar courses.
  • Open slots are first-come, first-served during course changes period and drop-add periods.
  • The professor teaching a Writing 5 or FYS course does not have the ability to grant you instructor permission to enroll over the limit or to hold a spot for you in the course.

Also, if no space is available, please fill out the relevant switch survey (see link below).

  • This switch survey is meant to be a tool to help students find a person to switch with, but it is NOT a guarantee that we will be able to help you switch courses.
  • By entering the information in this survey, you are agreeing to give us permission to reveal contact information to another student if they have a matching desire to switch courses, in order to facilitate the two of you contacting each other.
  • If someone else fills out the survey who wants to switch courses with you, we will contact the pair of you by email, and you can coordinate with each other to accomplish the switch as soon as possible after you hear from us.
  • If you don't hear from us, we have not identified a match for you yet.
  • If you need to send us a message canceling your switch request, please use the notes section in Question 5 of the survey.

The switch survey will open on Friday, February 28 and will close on Wednesday, April 1. We will email people who match up on a first-come first-served basis.

Spring 2020 FYS switch survey