Registration for Writing 5 or Writing 2-3

Writing 5 Registration

Students taking Writing 5 are assigned to take the course either in the fall or winter; this assignment cannot be changed. During orientation week just before the start of fall term, when incoming students get access to DartWorks, information about your writing placement and which term you are assigned to take Writing 5 (if relevant) will appear in the Prematriculation Credits and Exemptions section of DartWorks. Information on interpreting the information in this section of DartWorks can be found on the Registrar's website.

During the normal course registration process for the upcoming term, students who are scheduled to take Writing 5 review the sections of Writing 5 offered and elect/request the section they prefer, along with their other course elections. Whether they get into the section they elected/requested is determined during the registration processing period.

Students who did not get into their first choice during initial course election choose another Writing 5 class from among those with space available during the course changes period prior to the start of classes. Students enrolled in Writing 5 may use the online registration system to switch into a different section of Writing 5, as long as there is space available, during the course changes period or during the add-drop period in the first week of classes.

The details on the schedule for initial course election, course changes period, and add-drop period for a given term can be found on the Registrar's website. Advice on switching among Writing 5 courses during the course changes and add-drop periods can be found on our website on our switch page.

Writing 5 class size is limited to 16 to allow for individualized attention. Enrollment above the limit is never allowed in a Writing 5 course. Open slots are first-come, first-served. No waiting lists are maintained.

Students must successfully complete Writing 5 or its equivalent and a First-year Seminar to fulfill the first-year writing requirement.

See Writing 5 Section Descriptions Page for more information on the topics offered in the current or upcoming term. The descriptions page will display the descriptions for the upcoming term shortly before registration opens to first-year students for that term. Archived examples of descriptions from past terms are available here.

Writing 5 does not serve in partial satisfaction of the General Education requirements such as distributive requirements or the world culture requirement.

Writing 2-3 Registration

Writing 2-3 is a two-term, two-credit course that provides more intensive guidance through the reading, writing, and research processes, including individual support from teaching assistants and a culminating research project. Some entering students are invited to complete an online directed self-placement process during the summer.

See this page for more information about the online directed self-placement process for writing courses. See this page for a comparison between Writing 2-3 and Writing 5.

Students who complete the online placement process and accept placement into Writing 2-3 will be preregistered for Writing 2 when they arrive on campus in the fall, before fall term course election. Writing 2 students will be pre-registered for Writing 3 before winter term course election. Students who take the Writing 2-3 sequence take their First-year Seminar in the spring term, and will need to register for a First-year Seminar at the same time they register for their other spring term courses.

Writing 2-3 is limited to 15 students per section and is taught only in fall and winter terms. Writing 2-3 is taken in place of Writing 5. Students must successfully complete both terms of Writing 2-3 and a First-Year Seminar to fulfill the first-year writing requirement.

Writing 2-3 does not serve in partial satisfaction of the General Education requirements such as distributive requirements or the world culture requirement.