Class of 2023 First-year Writing Choices: WRIT 5, WRIT 2-3, and HUM 1

The first-year writing requirement at Dartmouth consists of Writing 5, or its two-term equivalent Writing 2-3, followed by a First-year Seminar. Humanities 1-2 may be taken as another way of fulfilling the first-year writing requirement.

For more detailed information about the first-year writing requirement, visit the placement and enrollment policies page. You can find more information about First-year Seminars and Humanities 2 on that page.

Steps in Decision-Making about Fulfilling the Writing 5  Requirement

Step 1:

Were you invited to complete the Directed Self-Placement Process for First-year Writing?


Students who were not invited to participate in the online placement process, please proceed to Step 2 to consider whether to take Writing 5 or Humanities 1.

The online placement process is only available to students who were invited to complete it.

* Students who do not receive an invitation by June 10, 2019 but who feel that they would benefit from participating in the Writing 2-3 course should contact the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric as soon as possible by email: [email protected].


Complete the Directed Self-Placement Process for First-year Writing online (after it becomes available May 31, 2019). 

Help for the Directed Self-Placement Process

  • Invitations go out and link into placement site above becomes available May 31, 2019.
  • Deadline to submit: June 28, 2019
  • Placement recommendations available: July 15th, 2019.
  • Your deadline to accept or reject your placement recommendation: July 24th, 2019. 

Possible Recommendations from the Directed Self-Placement Process:

  • Writing 5 (taught in fall or winter)
  • Writing 2-3 (2-term course taught in fall and winter)

Step 2:

Would you like to apply for Humanities 1?


Students who complete the online placement process and accept our recommendation for placement into Writing 2-3 will be preregistered for Writing 2 when they arrive on campus in the fall, before fall term course election.

Students who choose to take Writing 5 are assigned to take Writing 5 in either fall or winter; this term assignment cannot be changed. The Writing 5 term assignment appears in the online student placement record visible to students and their advisors just prior to fall course election. Students scheduled to take Writing 5 in fall term select a Writing 5 course at the same time they register for other fall term courses.


Apply for Humanities 1 (taught only in fall)

  • Deadline to submit application: July 24, 2019.