Writing 2-3 TA Application

Apply to Become a TA for Writing 2-3

The Writing and Rhetoric Program seeks talented and interested MALS students to serve as Teaching Assistants to professors teaching Writing 2 and 3 in the fall and winter terms. Descriptions for these courses can be found in the ORC.

TAs work approximately 20 hours per week on average for ten weeks each term and a three-day training session the week before classes begin in September. Responsibilities include: preparing for and attending all class meetings; holding one-hour individualized and group writing tutorials; meeting weekly with the 2-3 staff to discuss pedagogical issues or issues related to individual student progress; and meeting regularly with professors to discuss the concerns of the course.

Teaching Assistants are paid a stipend of $6750 TOTAL for two terms of work. There is an additional $300 stipend for the required training session. TAs are hired for two terms, but the second term of employment is contingent on an acceptable level of performance in the first. The position is open to all MALS students, but some preference will be given to those who are working on their theses or who have completed the bulk of their MALS coursework. Good writing, research, and interpersonal skills are essential. Prior teaching or tutoring experience a plus.

The application may be downloaded here.