Selected Publications

Francine M. A'ness

Francine M. A'ness

“Sabina Berman,” in Dictionary of Literary Biographies : Latin American Dramatists , (2005) 44-59.

“Resisting Amnesia: Yuyachkani, Performance, and the Postwar Reconstruction of Peru,” Theatre Journal , 56 (2004) 395-414.

“Diálogo con Sabina Berman,” in Sediciosas seducciones: sexo, poder y palabras en el teatro de Sabina Berman , (2004) 43-63.

“Technology, Language and Literacy: The New Pedagogical Challenge,” with C Kramsch and E Lam, in Loss of Communication in the Information Age , (2001) 117-130.

“Authenticity and Authorship in the Computer-Mediated Acquisition of L2 Literacy,” Language Learning and Technology , Special Issue on LiteraciesandTechnologies, 4:2 (September 2000) 117-130.

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Sara B. Chaney

Sara B. Chaney

"Rankings and Ravings in the Academic Public." Rhetoric Review, April 2011

"Beyond Critical Pedagogy in Basic Writing." Review Essay, Enculturation, June 2010.

"Study of Teacher Error: Misreading Resistance in the Basic Writing Classroom." Journal of Basic Writing 23 (Spring 2004): 25-38.


Josh Compton

Compton, J. (2016). Inoculating against a losing season: Can inoculation-informed public relations strategies protect fan loyalty? International Journal of Sport Communication, 9(1), 1-12. doi:

Jackson, B., Compton, J., Thornton, A. L., Dimmock, J. A. (2017). Re-thinking anxiety: Using inoculation messages to reduce and reinterpret public speaking fears. PLoS ONE 12(1): e0169972. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0169972

Compton, J. (2017). Image prepare: Image repair, inoculation theory, and anticipated attacks on credibility. The International Journal of the Image, 8(1), 1-9.

Compton, J., Jackson, B., & Dimmock, J. A. (2016). Persuading others to avoid persuasion: Inoculation theory and resistant health attitudes. Frontiers in Psychology 7(122). doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00122

Compton, J. (2015). Political humor on the radio, image repair, and Gracie Allen’s 1950 presidential campaign. Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 22(2), 255-264.

Compton, J., & Compton, J. L. (2015). Open letters from the National Football League, concussion prevention, and image repair rhetoric. [scholarly commentary] International Journal of Sport Communication 8(3), 266-275. doi: 10.1123/IJSC.2015-0049

Ivanov, B., Sims, J. D., Compton, J., Miller, C. H., Parker, K. A., Parker, J. L., Harrison, K. J., & Averbeck, J. M. (2015). The general content of postinoculation talk: Recalled issue-specific conversations following inoculation treatments. Western Journal of Communication, 79(2), 218-238. doi: 10.1080/10570314.2014.943423

Jackson, B., Compton, J., Whiddett, R., Anthony, D. R., & Dimmock, J. A. (2015). Preempting performance challenges: The effects of inoculation messaging on attacks to task self-efficacy. PLoS ONE 10(4): e0124886. doi: 10.1371/journal/pone.0124886

Compton, J., & Compton, J. L. (2014). College sports, losing seasons, and image repair through open letters to fans. Communication & Sport, 2(4), 345-362.

Compton, J. (2013). Inoculation theory. In J. P. Dillard & L. Shen (Eds.), The Sage handbook of persuasion: Developments in theory and practice, 2nd ed., (pp. 220-237). Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

Compton, J., & Ivanov, B. (2013). Vaccinating voters: New directions for political campaign inoculation scholarship. In E. L. Cohen (Ed.), Communication Yearbook 37 (pp. 250-283). New York: Routledge (Taylor & Francis).

Compton, J., & Kaylor, B. T. (2013). Inoculating for small pox inoculation objections in Reverend Cooper’s Letter to a Friend in the Country. Journal of Communication and Religion, 36(1), 92-107.

Miller, C. & Ivanov, B. (with Sims, J. D., Compton, J., Harrison, K. J., Parker, K. A., Parker, J. L., & Averbeck, J. M). (2013). Boosting the potency of resistance: Combining the motivational forces of inoculation and psychological reactance. Human Communication Research, 39, 127-155.

Compton, J., & Ivanov, B. (2012). Untangling threat during inoculation theory-conferred resistance. Communication Reports,25(1), 1-13.

Ivanov, B., Miller, C. H., Compton, J., Averbeck, J. M., Harrison, K. J., Sims, J. D., Parker, K. A., & Parker, J. L. (2012). Effects of post-inoculation talk on resistance to influence. Journal of Communication, 62, 701-718.

Parker, K. A., Ivanov, B., & Compton, J. (2012). Inoculation’s efficacy with young adults’ risky behaviors: Can inoculation confer cross-protection over related but untreated issues? Health Communication, 27(3), 223-233.

Compton, J. (2011). Frustration vaccination? Inoculation theory and digital learning. In S. P. Ferris (Ed.), Teaching, learning and the net generation: Concepts and tools for reaching digital learners (pp. 61-73).  Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Compton, J. (2011). Surveying scholarship on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. In A. Amarasingam (Ed.), The Colbert/Stewart effect: Essays on the real impacts of fake news (pp. 9-33). Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Company.

Compton, J., & Pfau, M. (2009). Spreading inoculation: Inoculation, resistance to influence, and word-of-mouth communication. Communication Theory, 19, 9-28.

Compton, J. (2008). More than laughing? Survey of political humor effects research. In Morris, J. S., & Baumgartner, J. C. (Eds.) Laughing matters: Humor and American politics in the media age (pp. 39-66). New York: Routledge.

Compton, J., & Pfau, M. (2008). Inoculating against pro-plagiarism justifications: Rational and affective strategies. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 36(1), 98- 119.

Compton, J. (2006). Serious as a heart attack: Health-related content of late night comedy television. Health Communication, 19(2), 143-151.

Compton, J. (2006, Winter). Remembering, forgetting, and memorializing the past: Considering forensics from a collective memory theoretical perspective. The Forensic of Pi Kappa Delta, 91, 27-45.

Pfau, M., Compton, J., Parker, K. A., An, C., Wittenberg, E. M., Ferguson, M., Horton, H., & Malyshev, Y. (2006). The conundrum of the timing of counterarguing effects in resistance: Strategies to boost the persistence of counterarguing output. Communication Quarterly, 54(2), 143-156.

Pfau, M. (2005). Inoculation theory of resistance to influence at maturity: Recent progress in theory development and application and suggestions for future research. Communication Yearbook 29 (pp. 97-145). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Compton, J., & Pfau, M. (2004). Use of inoculation to foster resistance to credit card marketing targeting college students. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 32, 343-364.

Pfau, M., Compton, J., Parker, K. A., Wittenberg, E. M., An, C., Ferguson, M., Horton, H., & Malyshev, Y. (2004). The traditional explanation for resistance versus attitude accessibility: Do they trigger distinct or overlapping processes of resistance? Human Communication Research, 30(3), 329-360.

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Nancy Jay Crumbine

Four poems in The Still Puddle Poets: New Poems
. Anemone Publishing, 2008

Four poems in The Still Puddle Poets
. Vademecum Press, 2007

Embracing Paradox, The 2005 Essex Hall Lecture. Essex Hall, London, England

Humility, Anger, and Grace: Meditations on a Life That Matters, (North Bound Books, 2004)

"Loving the Religious Right Through Its Difficult Times," pp. 9-19, Liberal Religious Education, no. 17, 1997

"Choosing the Child," Valley News, December, 1996

Four poems in The Still Puddle Poets: New Poems
. Anemone Publishing, 2008

"A Community that One Can Call Home," Valley News, September, 1990

"Christmas," Valley News, December, 1988

Book Review of Second Person Rural: More Essays of a Sometime Farmer, by Noel Perrin, Vermont History, v.51, no.3 (l983), 173-175

"Ignoring Religion: Feminists on Shallow Ground," Feminist Renaissance, v. 2, no.3 (l983)

"Religion and the Feminist Critique of Culture," Wellesley College Center for Research on Women. (1983)

Book Review of Partridge in a Swamp: The Journals of Viola C. White 1918-1941, ed. W. Storrs Lee, Vermont History, v.48, no.4 (January, l981), 248-252

"On Faith," Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling: Critical Appraisals, Ed. R. Perkins, University of Alabama Press, l981, 189-203

"On Silence," Humanitas, v.XI, no.2 (l975), 147-165

"A Philosophical Outside on a Theological Inside," Politeia, v.5, no.1 (December, l967)

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Jed Dobson

James E. Dobson

Modernity and Autobiography in Nineteenth-Century America: Literary Representations of Communication and Transportation Technologies (Palgrave, 2017)

"Autobiography, Modernity, and Biopolitics: Individuality and Writing the Self at the Fin-de-Siècle." Arizona Quarterly (forthcoming) 

“Narratives of the Later Lives of Frederick Douglass: Old-Age Autobiography Before Senescence” Common-place 17, no. 2 (2017).

"Knowing and Narration: Shirley Jackson and the Campus Novel." In Shirley Jackson: Influences and Confluences, edited by Melanie R. Anderson and Lisa Kröger, 123-141. New York: Routledge, 2016.

"Lucy Larcom and the Time of the Temporal Collapse." Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 33, no. 1 (2016): 82-102.

"Can an Algorithm be Disturbed? Machine Learning, Intrinsic Criticism, and the Digital Humanities." College Literature 42, no.4 (2015): 543- 564. 

"Bits of Autobiography: Radical Deindividualization and Everydayness." Arizona Quarterly 71, no. 1 (2015): 83-99.

"What does the ‘Temporal Turn’ Mean for Autobiography? Mark Twain, Memory, and the Failures  of Historicism." The Mark Twain Annual 11 (Fall 2013): 62-76.

Pandey, S., Voorsluys, W., Rahman, M., Buyya, R., Chiu, K., and Dobson, J. “A Grid Workflow Environment for Brain Imaging Analysis on Distributed Systems." Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 21, no. 16 (2009): 2118-2139.

Pandey, S., Voorsluys, W., Rahman, M., Buyya, R., Chiu, K., and Dobson, J. “Brain Image Registration Analysis Workflow for fMRI Studies on Global Grids," Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-09), Bradford, UK, (May 2009).

Van Horn, J.D., Dobson, J.E., Woodward, J., Wilde, M., Zhao, Y., Voeckler, J., Foster, I. “Grid-Based Computing and the Future of Neuroscience Computation.” In Methods in Mind, edited by Carl Senior, Tamara Russell and Michael S. Gazzaniga. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006.

Dobson, J.E,Woodward, J., Schwarz, S.A, Marchesini, J.C, Farid, F., and Smith S., “The Dartmouth Green Grid,” ICCS 2005 Conference Workshop on HPC in Academia (2005).

Van Horn, J.D., Wolfe, J., Agnoli, A., Woodward, J., Schmitt, M., Dobson, J.E., Schumacher, S., and Vance, B. “Neuroimaging Databases as a Resource for Scientific Discovery,” International Review of Neurobiology 66C (2005): 55-87.

Zhao, Y., Dobson, J.E., Foster, I., Moreau L., Wilde, M. “A Notation and System for Expressing and Executing Cleanly TypedWorkflows on Messy Scientific Data,” ACM SIGMOD Record 34 (2005): 37-43.

Zhao, Y., Wilde, M., Foster, I., Voeckler, J., Dobson, J.E., Gilbert, E., Jordan, T. and Quigg, E. “Virtual Data Grid Middleware Services for Data-intensive Science.” Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 18, no. 6 (2004): 595-608.

Zhao, Y., Wilde, M., Foster, I., Voeckler, J., Jordan, T., Quigg, E., and Dobson J.E, “Grid Middleware Services for Virtual Data Discovery, Composition, and Integration,”  MGC ’04 Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Middleware for Grid Computing (2004): 57-62.

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Christiane K. Donahue

Christiane K. Donahue

Ecrire à l’Université: Analyse Comparée en France et aux Etats-Unis [Writing at the University: Comparative Analysis, France-United States.] Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, University of Lille, France. 2008. Manuscript of translation invited for review, Southern Illinois University Press, Studies in Writing series.

“Curricular Topographia: Deconstructing "Writing Program Administration" in an International Context.” Co-authored with Chris Anson. Transnational Writing Program Administration. Ed. David Martins. Utah State University Press.

“What is WPA Research?” A Rhetoric for Writing Program Administrators. Ed. Rita Malencyk. Parlor Press.

“Writing and Text Production Processes.” Co-authored with Theresa Lillis. Handbook of Writing and Text Production. Eds. Eva-Maria Jakobs, Daniel Perrin. In press. Mouton de Gruyter Handbooks of Applied Linguistics series. 

“Monolingualism, Multilingualism, and Translingualism: A Call for New Norms in Writing Studies Scholarship.” Co-authored with Bruce Horner and Samantha NeCamp. Eds. Isabelle Delcambre and Dominique Lahanier-Reuter. International Studies on Writing at University: Comparisons and Evolutions. Forthcoming, August 2013, Parlor Press/the WAC Clearinghouse.

“Negotiation, Translinguality, and Cross-cultural Writing Research in a New Composition Era.” Literacy as Translingual Practice. Ed. Suresh Canagarajah, 2013, Routledge, New York, NY.

“Transfer, Portability, Generalization: (How) Does Composition Expertise ‘Carry’?”

Defining Composition Studies: Research, Scholarship, and Inquiry for the Twenty-First Century. Eds. Kelly Ritter and Paul Matsuda, 2012, Utah State University Press, Logan, UT. 

“Language Socialization, Written Culture, and School Assessment in the French Context: Analyzing the PISA International Exam.” Co-authored with Elisabeth Bautier. Race and Racism in Writing Assessment. Eds. Asao Inoue and Mya Poe, 2012, Peter Lang, New York, NY. 

“Academic Writing Activity: Student Writing in Transition,” co-authored with Isabelle Delcambre. University Writing: Selves and Texts in Academic Societies. Eds. Montserrat Castello and Christiane Donahue, 2012, Emerald Publishing, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

“Writing and Disciplinarity: Cross-cultural Questions about Teaching and Theory.” Writing in the Disciplines. Ed. Mary Deane, Palgrave, UK, 2011. 

“Internationalization” and Composition Studies: Re-orienting the Discourse,” Acteurs et Contextes des Discours Universitaires. Eds. Jean-Marc Defays and Annick Englebert, l’Harmattan, Paris, France, 2009.

“Genre and Disciplinary Work in French Didactics Research.”  Genre in a Changing World. Eds. C. Bazerman, A, Bonini, and D. Figueredo. Parlor Press US. 2009.  

In the same edited collection, contributing author to “Exploring Notions of Genre in 'Academic Literacies' and 'Writing across the Curriculum': Approaches across Countries and Contexts,” Mary Lea, Jan Parker, David Russell, Brian Street. This article is being anthologized in Writing across the Curriculum: A Critical Sourcebook (Bedford St. Martins).

“La circulation de perspectives socioculturelles états-uniennes et britanniques: Traitements de l’écrit dans le supérieur” [The circulation of U.S. and U.K. sociocultural perspectives: The treatment of university writing]. Didactique du Français: Le Scioculturel en Question. Eds. B. Daunay, I. Delcambre, et Y. Reuter, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France: Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2009.

“When Copying Is Not Copying: Plagiarism and French Composition Scholarship.” Originality, Imitation, Plagiarism. Eds. C. Eisner and M. Vicnius, Ann Arbor: U. of Michigan Press, 2008.

“L’écrit universitaire comme objet de recherches: methods et enjeux pour une lecture analytique.” [University writing as a research object: Methods and stakes for analytic readings.] Les Méthodes de Recherché en Didactiques Eds. Yves Reuter and Marie-Jeanne Perrin. Villeneuve d’Ascq, France: Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2006.

“Student Writing as Negotiation: Fundamental Movements between the Common and the Specific in French Essays.”  Writing in Context(s):Textual Practices and Learning Processes in Sociocultural Settings. Ed. Fillia Kostouli. Amsterdam: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004.

“The Lycée to University Progression in French Students’ Development as Writers.” Writing and Learning in Crossnational Perspective. Eds. David Russell and David Foster. Illinois: NCTE Press, 2002.

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Darlene K. Drummond

     Drummond, D. K. (01-17-2017). The Decision: A Creative Autoethnographic Account with Poetry. Online First in Health Communication

     Drummond, D. K. (2016). Mama's boy: One type of identity negotiated in mother-son relationships. The Florida Communication Journal, 44(1), 25-32.

     Camara, S. K., & Drummond, D. K. (Eds.) (2016). Communicating Prejudice: An Appreciative Inquiry Approach. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

     Marcus, E. N., Drummond, D. K., Dietz, N., & Kenya, S. (2013). Does a bite cause cancer? Misperceptions of breast cancer etiology among low-income urban women in Miami, Florida. Southern Medical Journal, 106(12), 649-654.

     Marcus, E. N., Drummond, D. K., & Dietz, N. (2012). Urban women's preferences for learning of their mamogram result: A qualitative study. Journal of Cancer Education, 27(1), 156-164.

     Drummond, D. K. (2011). White American style in rhyme. Qualitative Inquiry, 17(4), 332-333.

       Drummond, D. K., & Orbe, M. P. (2009). "Who are you trying to be?": Identity gaps within intraracial encounters. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 10(1), 81-87.

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Marlene Heck

Marlene Elizabeth Heck

The Palladian House in Virginia: Domestic Buildings in a Social Landscape (work in progress).

"Mind the Gap: Rewriting Sir John Summerson's American Architectural History," in Summerson and Hitchcock: Centenary Essays on Architectural Historiography (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006).

"Architecture: 1880-1930," in the Encyclopedia of New England (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005).

"'Appearance and Effect is Everything': The James River Houses of Samuel, Joseph and George Cabell," in The American Home: Material Culture, Domestic Space and Family Life (Winterthur, Del.: Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum; and Hanover, NH: University PressNE, 1998), 5–23.

"Building Status: Virginia's Winged Pavilion Dwellings," in Shaping Communities: Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture VI, ed. Carter L. Hudgins and Elizabeth Collins Cromley (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1997).

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Mark D. Koch

Mark D. Koch

“'A Spectacle Pleasing to God and Man': Sympathy and the Show of Charity in the Restoration Spittle Sermons,"  Eighteenth-Century Studies  46: 4 (Summer 2013).

“Ruling the World: The Cartographic Gaze in English Accounts of the New World."     Literature and Geography. Ed. Richard Helgerson and Joanne Woolway. Special issue of Early Modern Literary Studies: A Journal of Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century  English Literature. October 1998.

“The Desanctification of the Beggar in Rogue Pamphlets of the English Renaissance.”  The Work of Dissimilitude: Essays from the Sixth Citadel Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Edited by David G. Allen and Robert A. White.  Newark: University of Delaware UP, 1992. 91-104.

“Utilitarian and Reactionary Arguments for Almsgiving in Wordsworth’s ‘The Old Cumberland Beggar’.”  Eighteenth-Century Life 13: 3 (November 1989): 18-33.

“The Shaking of the Superflux: King Lear, Charity, and the Tyranny of Equivalence.” The Upstart Crow: A Shakespeare Journal 10 (1990): 86-100.

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Colleen Lannon

“Whose Fault? The Speculator’s Guilt in Little Dorrit.” Victorian Literature and Culture (forthcoming).

“Landscaping.” Review of Hardy’s Geography: Wessex and the Regional Novel. By Ralph Pite (Palgrave, 2002). Essays in Criticism 55.1 (15 January 2005): 88-95.

Gary Lenhart

Gary Lenhart

The World in a Minute (Hanging Loose, 2010)

Another Look (Subpress, 2010)

The Stamp of Class:  Reflections on Poetry and Social Class (University of Michigan, 2006)

Father and Son Night (Hanging Loose, 1999)

Light Heart (Hanging Loose, 1991)

One at a Time (United Artists, 1983)

Editor: T&W Guide to William Carlos Williams (Teachers Writers, 1998)

Editor:  T&W Guide to Classic American Literature (T&W, 2001)

Editor:  Clinch: Selected Poems of Michael Scholnick (Coffee House, 1998)

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Prudence Merton

Prudence Merton

Fajt, V., Gelwick, F., Merton, P., Moore, G., Moyna, I.E., Loureiro-Rodriguez, V., Zarestky, J. (2013). Feedback and fellowship: Stories from a successful writing group.  Book Chapter, Working with Faculty Writers. Geller, A.E. & Eoudice, M. (eds). Logan, UT: Utah State University Press. (In Press).

Merton, P., Froyd, J., Clark, C., Richardson, J. (2009) A case study of relationships between organizational culture and curricular change in engineering education. Innovative Higher Education, 34(4), pp 219-233.

Clark, M., Froyd, J., Merton, P., Richardson, J. (2004). The evolution of curricular change models within the Foundation Coalition, Journal of Engineering Education. 93(1), pp.37-47.

Douglas J. Moody

Douglas J. Moody

Former editor of Latino Intersections, on-line academic journal published by Dartmouth College (2002 - 2006)

“Undergoing a Process and Achieving a Product:  A Contradiction in Educational Drama?” In Gerd Bräuer, Ed. Body and Language: Intercultural Learning Through Drama, (Summer 2002)

“Tutoring the ESL Foreign Student Athlete:  Some Issues and Methodologies” In Herb Simons, Ed. A Handbook for ED 98: Studying Language and Society (Fall 1999)

“Act Two:  The Curtain Rises on Digital Theatre, But You Have to Download It First” Berkeley Language Center Newsletter  Vol. 15, No. 1 (Fall 1999)

“The Curtain Rises on Digital Theatre:  Rehearsing and Staging the First Act” Berkeley Language Center Newsletter Vol. 14, No. 2 (Spring 1999)

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David A Rezvani

“Partial Independence Beats Full Independence.” Territory, Politics, Governance Vol. 4(3) (2016), pp. 269-296.

Surpassing the Sovereign State: The Wealth, Self-Rule, and Security Advantages of Partially Independent Territories.  (Oxford University Press, 2014). More Info

 “Dead Autonomy, a Thousand Cuts, or Partial Independence?  The Autonomous Status of Hong Kong.” Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 42, No. 1 (2012), pp. 93-122.

“The Basis of Puerto Rico’s Constitutional Status: Colony, Compact, or ‘Federacy’?” Political Science Quarterly, Vol. 122, No. 1 (2007), pp. 115-140.

“Shaping the Federacy Research Agenda.” Ethnopolitics, Vol. 6, No. 1 (2007), pp. 129-131.

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Ellen Rockmore

Ellen B. Rockmore

"How Texas Teaches History." New York Times. 21 Oct. 2015.

Nirvana Tanoukhi Dartmouth Department English Creative Writing Faculty Profile

Nirvana Tanoukhi

Articles and Chapters

- "Surprise Me If You Can" PMLA 131.5(2016). 

- "The Movement of Specificity." PMLA. 128.2 (May 2013)

- “African Roads.” The Routledge Companion to World Literature.  Eds. Theo D’haen, David Damrosch, Djelal Kadir.  (Routledge, 2011.)

- “‘The Most Important Thing Happening’: An Introduction” (with David Palumbo-Liu and Bruce Robbins) to Immanuel Wallerstein and Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture. Eds. David Palumbo-Liu, Bruce Robbins, and Nirvana Tanoukhi. (Duke University Press, 2010.)

- “The Scale of World Literature.” New Literary History 39.3-4 (2008). 

Reprints: Immanuel Wallerstein and Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture. Eds. David Palumbo-Liu, Bruce Robbins, Nirvana Tanoukhi. (Duke University Press, 2010.) The World Literature Reader (Routledge, 2012)

- “Rewriting Political Commitment for an Inter-National Canon: Paul Bowles’s For Bread Alone as Translation of Mohamed Choukri’s Al-Khubz Al-Hafi.” Research in African Literatures 34.2 (2003): 125-144. 

Reprint: in Langues et Litteratures: Annales de la Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines. Rabat, Agdal, Morocco. March 2011.

Edited Volume

- Immanuel Wallerstein and Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture. Co-edited with David Palumbo-Liu and Bruce Robbins. (Duke University Press, 2010.)



- Black Scent, Black Taste by Ali Muqri (Yemen).  From Arabic. (Seagull Books, under contract).

- Maryam, Keeper of Stories by Alawiyya Subuh (Lebanon). From Arabic. (Seagull Books, 2015).

- Passage to Dusk by Rachid al-Daif (Lebanon). From Arabic.  (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2001).


- “The Arab Spring, and Other African Revolutions.”  With political theorist of Africa, Ali Mazrui.  Transition 106.  50th Anniversary Special Issue.  (November 2011.) 


Alan C. Taylor

"Redrawing the Color Line in Flannery O'Connor's `The Displaced Person.'" Mississippi Quarterly 65.1 (2012): 67-79.

"John Bradbury." Early American Nature Writers. Eds. Daniel Patterson and Scott Bryson. Westport: Greenwood Press, 2007.


Carl P. Thum

Strategic Learning