Melissa R. Herman

Lecturer, Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

Curriculum Vitae
B.A. Wesleyan University, 1990 (Sociology/Psychology)
M.A. Stanford University, 1993 (Sociology)
Ph.D. Stanford University, 1998 (Sociology)

Selected publications

Herman, M.R. and Campbell, M.E., 2014, "Both personal and public: Measuring attitudes toward intermarriage," Journal of Social Issues.

Herman, M.R., and Campbell, M.E., 2012. "I wouldn't, but you can: attitudes toward interracial marriage." Social Science Research, 41, 343-358.

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Herman, M. R. 2011. "Racial Perceptions, Classification, and Identities of Multiracial People" Sociological Compass, 5, 7, 607-617.

Campbell, M.E., and Herman, M.R. 2010. "Politics and Policies: Attitudes toward multiracial people and political candidates," Ethnic and Racial Studies, 33, 9, 1511-1536.

Herman, M. R. 2010. "Do You See What I Am? How observers' backgrounds affect their perceptions of multiracial faces." Social Psychology Quarterly, 73, 1, 58-78.

Herman, M. R. and Castilla, M. L. 2010. "Phenotype and social class: an in-depth look at multiracial Hispanic youth," Chapter 12 in Multiracial Americans and Social Class, edited by Kathleen Korgen, New Brunswick, NJ: Routledge. Routledge.

Herman, M. R. 2009. "The Black-White-Other test score gap: academic achievement among mixed race adolescents," Sociology of Education, 82, 1, 20-46.

Herman, M. R. 2009. "Biracial Youth / Mixed Race Youth," pp. 50-55 in Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development, Volume 1, Carr, Crosnoe, Hughes, & Pienta, (Eds.). Detroit, MI: Macmillan Reference USA.

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