Lisa Lopez Snyder

Lecturer in Writing

My interest is the migration memoir, and how language and memory act as constructions of the self in the genre. In my classes, students will begin to develop the core capabilities for writing and thinking as they explore the authors’ efforts to make meaning around their identity. My ultimate goal is to help students experience writing as an exciting, complex, and ongoing process.

Curriculum Vitae
307 North Fairbanks
HB 6250
Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
B.S. Ohio University
M.F.A. University of South Carolina

Selected Publications

"In Transit," The Chattahoochee Review, Spring/Summer 2011, Winner, Lamar York Prize for Nonfiction

“Sea Creatures,” The Raleigh Review, September/October 2010

“Beef Meat,” The Scrambler, December 2009

Selected Works and Activities

Winner, 2011 Lamar York Prize for Nonfiction, “In Transit,” in The Chattahoochee Review,   Spring/Summer 2011

Finalist, Faulkner-Wisdom short story competition, for “Hidden,” 2010

Scholarship, NY State Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore College, July 2010

Alice Congers Patterson Scholarship, Emrys Foundation, May 2010