Support for Graduate Students

At Dartmouth, multilingual graduate students have a unique and valuable resource: the support of a multilingual writing specialist. Dr. Michelle Cox, a scholar in multilingual writing and rhetoric, is available to provide support on:

Seminar papers and presentationsArticles written for publicationTheses and dissertationsConference proposals and presentationsGrant applicationsApplication letters, resumes, and CVs


While Dr. Cox does not edit students' writing or provide grammar exercises, meeting with Dr. Cox to review a draft of your work will help you become a more adept and fluent English user.

To make an appointment

Contact Dr. Cox at least 24 hours before your desired meeting time at Students may request a one-time conference or regular conferences (weekly or biweekly). Conferences are held in Baker 205 and generally last 60 minutes. Dr. Cox offers two types of conferences: writing conferences and oral presentation conferences.

Writing Conferences

During writing conferences, Dr. Cox helps students move through the process of writing, focusing on the students' questions and concerns. You may meet with the multilingual specialist at any point in the writing process – from brainstorming, to drafting, to finalizing a draft. Dr. Cox does not edit students' writing, but helps students learn to identify and edit grammatical issues in their own writing. For writing conferences, be sure to bring:

  • Two copies of a current draft of your writing (or email a copy before your meeting and bring your laptop)
  • An assignment description (the instructions your professor gave you for this project)
  • Any feedback your professor has given you to earlier drafts of the same piece of writing or to former assignments (to give Dr. Cox a sense of how this professor responds to your writing and what he/she values in writing)

Oral Presentation Conferences

During oral presentation conferences, Dr. Cox helps students communicate more effectively to the audience. You may meet with Dr. Cox at any point in the process – from preparing a conference proposal, to drafting (whether it be in the form of an outline, a paper, PowerPoint slides, or a poster), to practicing delivery. For oral presentation conferences, be sure to bring:

  • Either the assignment description or the conference announcement and presentation guidelines
  • Any materials you've prepared for the presentation

If you are seeking support for conversational English, contact the Language And Cultural Exchange (LACE) program at