Student FAQs

General Questions

What are some online sources I can use for writing?
Please visit our writing resources page (the link is on the right sidebar). There are many useful online links that will help you in your writing.  

RWIT Tutoring Sessions at the Center

Can I come in even if I don’t have a draft?
RWIT tutors assist in all stages of the composing process, including brainstorming. In this stage, communication between the tutor and client is crucial. Please be sure to bring the prompt of your assignment so that the tutor has a better idea of what you need.

How do I make an appointment?
Please refer to the Make an Appointment page.

Can I be a walk in, i.e., request a session without making an appointment beforehand?

Usually, yes. You can request a walk-in appointment during the fall, winter, and spring terms only. During the summer term, RWIT takes only appointments. Please take note, however, that if another client has made an appointment beforehand, that client will be served first. In other words, if all of our tutors are busy with appointments, you may not be able to meet with a tutor. 

Can you just proofread my paper?
While tutors may note some errors on spelling and punctuation, tutors will mainly comment on the overall organization and flow of your paper. You may request that a tutor look for those errors, but please be aware that RWIT is not a copyediting service. 

Instead of coming in for a session, can I just blitz my paper to you and get feedback over BlitzMail?
No. For an RWIT tutor to make any comments on your paper, you must attend the tutoring session.

Can multiple people working on a collaborative, multimedia project schedule a group appointment?

Yes, but the group should contact the Head Tutor and the RWIT tutor they are scheduled to meet to let both of them know that multiple students will be attending the session.

I am working on a paper in a specific discipline (science, art history, engineering sciences).  How can I find a tutor who can help me this paper?

RWIT tutors are trained as general readers. All tutors are capable of assisting students with projects, papers and assignments in ANY discipline.  No need to worry about picking a specific tutor for any specific paper or project.

I need to cancel my appointment.  How should I do that to avoid being penalized?
Please refer to the "Cancellation and No-Show Policies" on the Make an Appointment page.

Writing Assistants

Why do some classes have a writing assistant (WA) and some not?
Writing assistants are requested by professors for their classes. Some classes may not have a writing assistant either because the professor did not request a WA or the professor requested a WA but because of high demand, RWIT was not able to meet the request. 

What is the WA's function in the class?

The WA acts as a second pair of eyes for your paper. Usually, WAs look over major assignments and comment on the weaknesses and strengths of your writing. Sometimes, WAs will have office hours during which you can personally meet with the WA for help on your writing. The WA is not, however, an intermediary between the professor and the students. For example, a WA will not be able to get a grade changed for you. 

The WA for my class does not attend all of the classes. Will the WA be able to help me with a paper if it's based on a certain topic?

The WA's main function in the class is to act as a second pair of eyes. Therefore, the WA will concentrate on major issues in any paper, such as structure, cohesiveness, and clarity. Even if the WA cannot address content, the WA will be able to help you craft a stronger, tighter argument.

Can the WA meet with me personally to look over a draft?
Yes! In fact, we encourage students to meet one-on-one with a WA to go over papers. If the WA does not have office hours, then students should blitz the WA and ask for meeting.

Can I blitz a copy of my paper to the WA for him or her to look over before turning it in?
This depends on the WA. Some WAs are more than willing to look over papers by blitz, others may prefer to meet face-to-face. Asking the WA would be the best option.

Can the WA advise students on how to get a good grade in the class?

While a WA can help you improve the quality of your writing (and hopefully help you achieve a better grade), the WA is not responsible for getting you that grade. The WA is a valuable resource and can help you establish strong foundations for your writing. Having said that, the professor will in the end give you the grade, not the WA.  If you have doubts about a certain assignment, direct your question to the professor.