RWIT Staff

RWIT tutors are skilled writers hailing from all academic disciplines. Tutors prepare for tutoring by attending a rigorous training program and pursue ongoing training throughout their RWIT careers. Tutors take pride in their professionalism, approachability, and knowledge.

Tutors for Graduate Students

Ruth Heindel

Ruth is a PhD student in the Earth Sciences Department, working in Professor Ross Virginia's soils lab. She studies current soil processes in the Polar Regions using a wide range of field techniques. In Greenland, she studies wind-driven soil erosion and in Antarctica, phosphorus cycling in the Dry Valleys.

Ruth is a proud Vermonter, and loves spending time hiking, skiing, and running through the New England woods. She earned her BS in Geology-Biology at Brown University, where she also worked as a Writing Fellow. Before coming to Dartmouth as a graduate student, Ruth taught middle and high school science for two years at an independent school in Vermont. Ruth is a cellist in the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra, and also enjoys cooking, reading, and drawing.

Kelli Hvorecny

Kelli, a PhD student in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program (MCB), is a member of Professor Dean Madden’s group in the Biochemistry Department. In her current research, she is developing strategies to prevent the harmful effects of the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pa) in patients with underlying pulmonary conditions (such as cystic fibrosis).

Kelli hails from eastern Pennsylvania, south of "the town Billy Joel sang about," but not north enough to escape the grips of the Philly accent. She bleeds green, having attended Dartmouth for undergrad and returning, after a stint in the Big Apple, for graduate school. When not at her "home address," Vail 408 in the Biochemistry department, she may be found at the pottery studio or lost in the wilderness hiking and trail running. She enjoys reading science, fiction, and science fiction.

Hannah Levinger

Hannah, an RWIT staff member, graduated from Brandeis University in 2012 with a BA in Islamic Studies and English Literature. She then did a Masters program in Islamic Philosophy, also at Brandeis University. She was a Fulbright Teaching Fellow in Morocco in 2013-2014. She has an ESL teaching certificate and is focusing on ESL tutoring at RWIT.

Hannah is from Norwich Vermont and went to high school in Hanover. She was one of those kids who took Dartmouth classes as a "townie" and is happy to be back home infiltrating Dartmouth once again. She loves to travel and learn, and promptly forget, the languages of the countries she goes to. She is also currently working as a baker in the mornings before coming to RWIT in the evenings.

Isabella Price

Isabella is a Masters in Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) student specializing in Creative Writing. She previously served as a teaching assistant for Writing 2-3 courses. Her instruction of writing has been dictated by the needs of her students. Some of her students have worked to unpack their genuine sentiments when writing their thesis or analyzing their evidence.  Other students have striven to present their own voice with still greater authority or grace by utilizing advanced stylistic "moves and gestures". Her role in tutoring graduate students, in turn, is driven by the desire to help specialists clearly and succinctly articulate their conceptually advanced projects to their colleagues-- perhaps even to laymen.

After Isabella earned a B.A. from Dartmouth in History, she entered a post-baccalaureate program and earned 100 credits towards teaching mathematics. Currently, she is completing her Grades 7-12 mathematics certification and concurrently writing her creative writing thesis.

Tutors for Undergraduate Students

Queenie Sukhadia

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: Mumbai, India

Queenie was born and raised in Mumbai, and she absolutely loves cities and their energetic, constantly happening vibe. In her free time, she can be seen writing short stories, reading voraciously and trying new food. She loves observing people and fulfills this interest by travelling the globe, her last adventure leading her to Scotland. At Dartmouth, she studies English and Psychology. She's highly allergic to pseudo intellectuals and a lack of humor.

Clara Wang

  • Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Harvard, MA

 Clara was born in Toronto, Canada and thus spent her most formative years learning to spell like a Canadian. After moving to the U.S. at age five and failing  many, many spelling quizzes, she eventually overcame her affliction of spelling the word "color" as "colour." Fortunately, the Dartmouth admissions officers were willing to overlook her poor elementary school spelling grades and offer her a place at Dartmouth, where she plans to major in Government. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming laps, listening to chill tunes and watching cheesy '80s teen movies or cooking shows. Feel free to check out her Dartmouth College Radio show and listen to her incredibly suave radio voice.

Hannah Levinger

Hannah, an RWIT staff member, graduated from Brandeis University in 2012 with a BA in Islamic Studies and English Literature. She then did a Masters program in Islamic Philosophy, also at Brandeis University. She was a Fulbright Teaching Fellow in Morocco in 2013-2014. She has an ESL teaching certificate and is focusing on ESL tutoring at RWIT. Hannah is from Norwich Vermont and went to high school in Hanover. She was one of those kids who took Dartmouth classes as a "townie" and is happy to be back home infiltrating Dartmouth once again. She loves to travel and learn, and promptly forget, the languages of the countries she goes to. She is also currently working as a baker in the mornings before coming to RWIT in the evenings.

Katie Williamson

  • Year: 2015, Head Tutor 2014-2015

  • Hometown: Hanover, NH

Katie was born and raised in Hanover, truly only a mile away from Dartmouth. Her life goal is to "live green" and inspire others to do so as well. She loves traveling to and learning about new places with friends and family, and she hopes to explore all seven continents during her life. In her free time, Katie is an avid baker, reads classic novels, frolics through the forests around New Hampshire and Vermont, and is a compulsive organizer.

Piotr Dormus

  • Year: 2015, Head Writing Assistant 2014-2015
  • Hometown: Krakow, Poland

A native of Poland, Piotr completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma at Lester B. Pearson United World College in Victoria, BC, Canada before coming to Dartmouth. Piotr is an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club and a big fan of David Fincher as well as Quentin Tarantino movies. Otherwise, he enjoys travelling, skiing, watching Mad Men, and listening to downtempo and chillout music.

Nick Pavlis

  • Year: 2015, Chair of Hiring 2014-2015
  • Hometown: Fairfield, CT

Despite growing up in Connecticut all his childhood, Nick has a passion for galavanting the globe. In fact, he backpacked in the Andes, ski-bummed in the Swiss Alps, and worked on a Californian organic olive farm, all on his gap-year. A New Englander by trade, Nick also loves to scour the Upper Valley for fresh, local eateries. When he's not playing pick-up basketball, Nick tends to settle up on the green, probably indulging in a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked.

Abbie Kouzmanoff

  • Year: 2015, Chair of Education and Outreach
  • Hometown: New York, NY

Abbie was born and raised in Manhattan. A devoted Upper West Sider, she enjoys exploring Central Park and visiting the Museum of Natural History. Abbie also lives part-time in New Paltz, NY and is related to ten of its twelve founders (which her parents did not know when they moved there). An avid Lord of the Rings fan, she also likes half-marathons, movies, and attempting to speak French. At Dartmouth, Abbie studies psychology and linguistics.

Emily Estelle

  • Year: 2015, Chair of Public Relations
  • Hometown: Westminster, MA

Emily grew up in central Massachusetts with two dogs and a very opinionated cat. At Dartmouth, she divides her time between Morton Farm, Rauner Library, and Morano Gelato. She has spent one term in Kuwait and two in Morocco, and she can’t seem to shake the travel bug. When she isn’t writing an anthropology paper or translating for Arabic class, she loves running, jigsaw puzzles, museums, and Game of Thrones.

Caroline Estill

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Caroline was born at DHMC, so of course she had to return to return to Hanover for college. She fills her time with rowing, running and other activities that start with the letter r. During her time at Dartmouth, Caroline hopes to conquer her fear of the 1902 room, explore the farmers' markets of the Upper Valley, and figure out what to do with the rest of her life.

Andrea Fox

  • Year: 2016

Andrea grew up in Maryland as the middle of three children. She likes listening to film scores and writing children’s stories, and she wishes she could illustrate them but never broke out of her stick-figure phase. The best non-sarcastic question she has ever heard from a tutee is: “What do you major in? Grammar?” Andrea studies German and linguistics and will be spending her junior year at the University of Munich.

Felicia Jia

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: It’s complicated but mostly Hong Kong

Felicia grew up in a variety of places in the United States and China. She enjoys the hustle and bustle of cities, but also the quiet serenity of the outdoors. Having spent this past summer in Israel and Palestine, she constantly finds herself in discussions about Middle Eastern politics or the amazing wonderfulness that is hummus (pronounced hoo-moose). Some of her goals in her next three years at Dartmouth include traveling the world during off-terms, keeping a cleaner dorm room, and mastering how to time her naps to avoid waking up groggy.

Myles McMurchy

  • Year: 2016

Though this Louisiana native will always have a soft spot for Southern charm, Myles savors the seasons of New England. Throughout the fall and winter, you may find him trail running through foliage or snow, frequently stopping to photograph the surrounding landscapes. He finds peace in yoga, meditation, and writing. After graduation, Myles hopes to attend graduate school, move to the West Coast, and teach.

Caroline Sohr

  • Year: 2016

Caroline comes to Hanover from the suburbs of New York City, where she has lived her entire life.  In addition to trying new restaurants, sleeping in hammocks, listening to country music, Caroline enjoys playing badminton and spending time with family and friends. She also loves puzzles, and one of her life goals is to solve a Sunday New York Times crossword.

Mariel Wallace

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: Wilton, CT

Mariel was born in San Francisco, but moved cross-country to her hometown of Wilton, CT at the tender age of seven weeks. She loves following elite gymnastics, arguing with people, and tweeting the inane things she hears other people say. When Mariel is not examining issues prominent in international security or researching for the Rockefeller Center, she enjoys running and spending time with friends, but avoids contact sports and glass tables at all costs.

Yevgenia (Jane) Rem

  • Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Jane was born in Kazakhstan and spent her early childhood in Russia. She now lives in California, 30 minutes from the ocean (unless, of course, there's traffic) and 1 minute from a dog park. When she's not walking her neighbor's Golden Retriever, Crazy Mc Daisy, she likes to sketch, cook with her sister, and watch old Russian films. At Dartmouth, Jane studies government, philosophy, English, and Russian. She admits that she'll have a difficult time declaring a major.

Benjamin Randolph

  • Year: 2015
  • Hometown: Louisville, KY

Ben hails from the bluegrass state, home of, well, bluegrass. If he’s being honest––which is an important thing to be, if European fables have taught him anything––he couldn’t identify bluegrass among a selection of grasses. However, he’d have no problem pointing out bermuda in that self-same grass selection, if that’s any consolation to those expecting better of him. He enjoys reading, writing, thinking about all the things that he should be writing but isn’t, and coffee. Returning to the focal point of this blurb; i.e., grass varieties, he has an immense appreciation for patterned socks, glassware, and mugs. Such small wares bring him disproportionate excitement.

Evelyn Fernandez-Lizarraga

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA

[English & Spanish]

Evelyn spent twelve years of her life in Mexico perfecting the art of making chilaquiles. She now enjoys spreading her expertise to the rest of the Dartmouth community. On almost any day of the week, Evelyn can be found singing in Spanish, reading an interesting book, or using sarcasm on her beloved friends. She also likes journaling, teaching, deep conversations, sit-coms, and the occasional Bollywood movie.

Will Callan

  • Year: 2015

  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Will was born in San Francisco and plans to return there at some point down the line. He went to boarding school in southern California, and though it was great, he prefers the top half. He enjoys running, reading, sports, and lots of other things. He's a huge fan of Cormac McCarthy and hopes to travel in Mexico someday.

Hannah Seulgee Jung

  • Year: 2015
  • Hometown: South Korea / Chicago, IL

Hannah was born in South Korea but lived half her life in the States. She loves being a perfect stranger to a new city and continues to be a morning person at Dartmouth. She also reserves much fondness for art galleries and cooking. After college, Hannah plans to pursue international human rights advocacy, her favorite passion.

Adam Nasser

  • Year: 2015
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX

Adam has born in Orlando but has lived in Dallas for most of his life and is now thoroughly Texan-ified. Although his heritage is Palestinian, Adam enjoys misleading unsuspecting inquirers into believing that he hails from a long line of Egyptian rulers (see Gamal Abdel Nasser's wikipedia page to investigate said lineage). Once an avid soccer player, basketball player, and fencer, Adam has since replaced those activities with other "sports" like debate. In his free time, Adam enjoys playing basketball and pretentiously opining on various philosophical and spiritual topics with friends.

Nicole Collins

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: Boxford, MA

Nicole was born in Boston, Massachusetts and has remained a wicked loyal Bostonian ever since. She is an avid English Premier League Soccer fan, which means that she doesn’t know or understand any other sport. She also enjoys participating in mock trial, teaching, spending time with family/friends, and cooking. If you are not careful, she will sneak up on you and bring you cookies when you’re not looking. Nicole is a government major who enjoys The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, and other world renowned, accredited news programs. Someday she hopes to study human rights law and women’s rights in the Middle East.

Anna Driscoll

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Anna has lived in Syracuse, a small city in central NY, for her whole life. She is very proud of her hometown despite the fact that it is not quite the "New York" that comes to most people's minds! Anna is two minutes older than her twin brother, which she is also a bit proud of. She loves dancing, baking muffins, listening to slightly unexpected music given her calm demeanor, hanging out at the Organic Farm, and speaking French. Nothing in the world makes her quite as happy as Harry Potter.

Jaki Kimball

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Jaki was born and raised in San Francisco, and with a major in computer science with a digital arts modification, she may very well return there. Cooking, eating, or even just talking about food makes her happy. One Wheelock is her prime study spot, because tea is tasty, but she can also be spotted studying at other locations that are not as scarily quiet as the stacks.

Caroline Gellman

  • Year: 2015

Caroline Gellman grew up a train ride away from New York City with three younger sisters. Her favorite season in Hanover is the fall largely due to the weekly farmer’s market on the Green, and her favorite activities on campus include playing soccer at Sachem and napping in Rauner. During her free time, she enjoys reading historical fiction, cuddling with her two Bernese mountain dogs, and going on leisurely bike rides. After graduation, she aspires to live in Colorado and balance a career in medicine with restauranteering.

Sophia Gish

  • Year: 2016

Sophia was born in Massachusetts but spent her early childhood in Italy and southern France, where she learned to speak French. An avid Harry Potter fan, Sophia has read all the books numerous times and can recite many of the scenes from the movies by heart with her sister. At Dartmouth, she has acted in many theatrical productions and was even given the opportunity to fly in one of them since she played the role of an angel. In addition to her thespian pursuits, Sophia enjoys running, travelling, hiking in the Swiss Alps, eating Mediterranean food, and watching Downton Abbey.  

Margaret (Lacey) Jones

  • Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

Lacey (a romantic with a cynical streak) was born and raised in Austin, Texas. On campus, she plays club volleyball, writes poetry, and studies English and Religion. When she’s not watching Girls, House, or Suits (or other television shows with one-word titles), Lacey takes pride in how often she says y’all and likes going on long car rides (she does her best thinking at sixty miles per hour). After graduation, she hopes to overcome her strong aversion to kitten heels (and her reliance on parentheticals).

Kyle McGoey

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: New Orleans

Kyle was born and raised in New Orleans and, apart from a brief “hurrication” in 2005, has lived there his entire life. His favorite pastimes are squash, writing and Mario Kart, and he loves soul music, good barbecue and the works of David Foster Wallace. He is a middle child and proud of it. In his free time you can find him on the Connecticut River, enjoying the sunshine and trying to convince himself that a ten minute swim counts as enough physical exertion for one day.

Dennise Hernandez

  • Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Queens, New York

Dennise was born in Mexico, but has lived in Queens for most of her life. A New Yorker through and through, she appreciates wandering serendipitously throughout the five boroughs of New York City in search of good places to eat and eye opening exhibitions. In her free time she enjoys pondering the meaning of life on some hidden nook on campus, hitting the tennis court,  and catching up on the latest episode of Doctor Who. At other times she can be found reading, baking anything but brownies, or fiddling with her fountain pens.

Julia Marino

  • Year: 2017
  • Hometown: New York, New York

Julia Marino was born and raised in New York City. When she’s at home, Julia loves to explore museums and works at an independent bookstore. An avid runner, Julia still can’t decide if she prefers Pine Park or Central Park. Julia is a Comparative Literature major, and she has also enjoyed her courses in the Classics, History, Religion, and Government departments. Julia has a younger brother, nineteen first cousins, and one, inordinately large pinky finger.

Yerin Yang

  • Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Yerin comes from the Seoul Capital Area, which with over 25.6 million people is the second largest metropolitan in the world. She finds it a welcoming change to be in rural Hanover where stars shine at night and pedestrians come first. In Dartmouth she is interested in studying psychology and government while taking PE classes that don’t actually require physical movement. In her free time, Yerin enjoys Finnish metal music, comic books, and fishing for compliments about her clean room. As a writer, she is blatantly unashamed that her love of literature came from a childhood obsession with fanfiction.

Emily L. Chu

  • Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Emily Chu is from Cupertino, California, where she lives 5 minutes from Apple’s headquarters. For someone who hails from a prominent hub for high-tech development, Emily is not tech-savvy at all. In fact, she only knows how to use her iPhone to call, text, and take hundreds of pictures of her dog. Besides documenting every moment of her dog’s life, Emily also enjoys hiking, reading fiction novels, receiving packages of pineapples, and avoiding the gym. She is still on the hunt for a horror movie that can scare her, so let her know if you have any suggestions.

Kelsey Stimson

  • Year: 2015
  • Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Kelsey has the same initials as her father and has tried and failed several times to change her first name. She doesn't know what to do with pennies so she puts them heads-side up on the sidewalk. She saw Jaws in the first grade and she hasn't taken a bath since. At home, Kelsey eats whole avocados like kiwis (at Dartmouth, she chipped her tooth on a Collis avocado). When the barista asks, her name is Irving Washington. She wishes she could write like Kurt Vonnegut and consistently pronounce Vladimir Nabokov. Kelsey hopes that she's an exception to the 'Those who don't do, teach' rule.

Spencer Blair

  • Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Stamford, CT

Spencer comes to Dartmouth from Connecticut but has come to love the natural beauty and political quirks of the Granite State. When Spencer is not working at RWIT or volunteering on a campaign, you can usually find him tweeting about politics, drinking KAF cider, or watching House of Cards-- maybe all at the same time. Spencer enjoys hiking, kayaking, ceramics, and sailing, and he does not know how to hold a pencil.

Jordan Kastrinsky

  • Year: 2016
  • Hometown: Denver, CO

Not necessarily a conventional tutor, Jordan strives to draw outside the proverbial writer's box and enrich student's writing through attention, care, and a bit of craziness. Jordan is in search of adventure and when not gallivanting through the Middle East or setting up the best shot on film, he spends time doing most other things. A mover and a connector, Jordan prides himself on challenge and connecting with other people. While at Dartmouth he studies Arabic, Linguistics, and Film, he also considers himself a student of life, and figuring out the winding road. Wherever it may be, he hopes it is the one less travelled by.

Ibrahim Khan

  • Year: Comparative Literature MA 2015
  • Hometown: Most recently, Houston, TX

Ibrahim grew up between the United States and the Middle East, and his disparate set of interests reflect that complicated upbringing. Having majored in English and Cognitive Science at Rice University, he now focuses on Arabic and Urdu poetry at Dartmouth. Beyond literature, Ibrahim is excited about history, religion, and politics, and he's always happy to share his latest epiphanies on these topics. On campus, he lives in the Baker-Berry library, where he procrastinates by gathering books and lamenting the many others he has reluctantly accepted he'll never get around to reading.