Dickerson Prize Winners

Albert I. Dickerson, for many years Dean of Freshmen, took great interest in first-year composition. In his memory, a prize has been established which will be awarded annually to that student who writes an outstanding expository essay in a First-Year Seminar/Humanities 2, or in a Writing 5/Humanities 1 class, or in a Writing 2-3 class, as decided by a volunteer committee of Writing faculty from across the first-year courses.

2013 Dickerson Prize Winners

The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric extends its congratulations to this year’s Dickerson Prize winners. The 2013 Albert I. Dickerson 1930 Freshman Writing Prizes have been awarded to the following students for papers written during the 2012-2013 academic year:

  • Writing 2-3 category:

Muhammad Hassan Kiani, for his essay, “Why Should I be Moral?” written for Karen Gocsik's Writing 2-3 class.

  • Writing 5 / Humanities 1 category:

Liz Lin, for her essay, “Paternal Reflections: Mirrors of Neurological Disorder” written for Jed Dobson's Writing 5 class.

  • First-year Seminar / Humanities 2 category:

Katherine Rowe, for her essay, “Absolute Pitch: Thinking Outside the Octave” written for Steve Swayne's First-year Seminar class.

The winning papers will be posted on this page soon.